Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day boat outing

O Boy approached this adventure (as he does many other life endeavors) with a great deal of caution.  Most of the entire time we were on  the boat he stood silently by me taking everything in.  Mr. T., on the other hand, seemed to be stuck on one phrase, "Fast boat, Dad!  Fast boat, Dad!"  He was off the charts with excitement.  Our entire stock of batteries was dead after these 2 pictures so I don't have any record of his enthusiasm.
Phil jigs for herring.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Everyone is asleep

Last night O Boy took a dump truck and "digger" to bed with him and very carefully laid them on their sides before he laid down as well, telling me, "They sleeping."

The sun returns to Southeast...finally!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Back to Juneau...back to fun with Mickey and Heidi

We're restarting our semi-regular trips to Juneau for therapy and Trevor was very happy to reconnect with his PT Mickey (who he calls Nikki - must be easier to say?!) and his SLP Heidi.  Here he is with Heidi.

They were practicing "I am" statements..."I am so tall!"
"I am so small!"

Are you a "me" monster?

Friday, May 16, 2008

50th Little Norway Festival

The Parade:
The Liekkering Dancers

Showing off some of the local Norwegian wear.

2 of the smallest Vikings - these are friends from playgroup.
This is a local fellow running for State House.  He has a large family in town and they were all wearing t-shirts saying, "Vote for my nephew" or "Vote for my cousin" etc.  Wouldn't it be great if presidential elections were conducted this way?
More of his supporters - they did a little dance with the shopping carts mimicking the Liekkering Dancers. :-)

An iceberg pulled in to decorate downtown.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Beach Week

Last week we had incredibly low tides combined with very nice weather so all the preschools and several of the elementary classes spent as much time down at the beach as possible.  Here's some of what we saw...

No matter how many interesting creatures there are to find, throwing rocks is still the preferred activity.

So many "tarfish", so few hands.
A seaplane taking off stopped all the action for a for a few minutes.  Mr. T. is the one in the striped coat.

He's a Southeast Boy

The other day O Boy decided to take our pirate ship (obviously a tug boat) and have me tie it to our jeepney (suitable cargo) with fishing line (what else, in Petersburg?), and put it in a shoe box (a barge) and pretend the whole set-up was traveling around our house, eventually to end up to Juneau.  For my boys, there is no destination for air or boat travel OTHER than Juneau.  It's where everyone eventually ends up.  

A spin-off of the Juneau/barge game that O Boy invented is to stand in the laundry room and say, "Bye Mom!"  Then I have to ask, "Where are you going?"  He replies, "Doo-noh (Juneau)" very confidently.  When I ask him what he's going to do in Juneau he varies the response between "Cars and trucks" (visiting all the cars and trucks in Juneau) and "Birthday cake" (I guess they serve better birthday cake in Juneau than in Petersburg).  He and Mr. T, who loves copying everything O Boy does, then happily go out the door and down the stairs to "Doo-noh" and then turn around, come back in and do it all over again...and again...and again.  Or, as O Boy would say, "More again."

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Church Work Day 2008

It was a big year for the work day crew at the church - tons of windows cleaned, nursery toys sanitized, walls washed, trees cut, chopped up and burned, gravel raked, a new side yard built for us, a fixed garage roof for us, and a wall on the church torn apart and put back together...and so much more! Here are a few glimpses of the action...

The general contractors direct the action (and eat pretzels).
...What they were watching: Jeff on the digger was the main attraction for the "under 5" set.

Repairing all the torn books from the nursery!
O Boy learns how to rake.  He calls it scraping.
Awards for most destructive: Alec and Bill tear apart one of the outside walls of the church.
Even the ramp came off!
Better than a movie: the kids have front row seats as some trees come down.  "Chainsaw" is a very popular word around our house these days.
Working on our new side yard.  Much to the boys' delight, there was a LOT of digger and chainsaw action today.