Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Playgroup Fun

Yesterday we repeated an annual favorite playgroup activity: sensory tubs!  We had regular rice, colored rice, birdseed, all manner of dump truck, digger, funnel, and spoon to scoop and cump with, colored ice cubes (very fun to watch melt in water), rice puffs for the babies to play with, and two colors of oobleck to squish.  It was a sensory-palooza!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday O Boy!

O Boy had a fire truck birthday party on Feb. 13, complete with an exciting visit to our fire station!  Here's the birthday boy with his fire truck cake.

Here are some of the playgroup crew standing on one of the fire engines.
Here's Mr. T. ready to drive off in Engine 6.
Now O Boy takes the wheel.  
This could be a troubling sign that they want to take after Uncle Scott...

More snow fun!

Due to another huge dump of snow last week we had a church roof shoveling and sledding party on Thursday.  This was also the second EVER "snow day" for the Petersburg School District (the first was last year).  Apparently we got 42 inches of snow last week alone.

Here's our deck at the highest point of snow - snow up to the top of the side rails and then piled on top of the railing.  You can see how much snow piled up on our neighbor's roof behind as well.

You know it's Alaska when you get sled DOG rides.
Yahoo!  How often do you get to say that you slid off the church roof?  This is a little boy who attends our church.
Of course since the big boys were doing it, Mr. T. wanted to slide off the roof as well.  Here's our friend Jill helping me get him up, and then down off the roof again.
O Boy and his little friend were more interested in eating the snow than sledding on it...until her mom discovered her licking a yellow ball of snow.  !!

Here's our swingset on Feb. 4.

Here's our swingset on Feb. 10.  Good thing it started raining shortly after this or it would have been completely buried!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Murder on the Prairie

A few weeks ago a group of couples from the church got together to do a mystery dinner (without the dinner). We chose the mystery Murder on the Prairie from the Merri Mysteries website. It was a hilarious time and to find out who actually committed the murder you'll have to do the mystery yourself!

Here's Margaret Read, the shopkeeper's wife and Frank Reyes, the landowner.  My character description specifically stated that I carried (and used when needed) a gun, so I had to borrow a little cap gun from a little boy in the church.  All the other men who wore guns as a part of their costumes brought REAL guns, of course.  This is Alaska after all.
Here's the barber with his "tools".  Every once in a while he would whip one of these out and work it into his script.  Once we looked over and he was quietly sharpening a knife!

The can-can girls Lulu and Fifi.  Who'd of guessed you could find/make such amazing can-can outfits in Petersburg, Alaska??  They won best costume easily.
The gun-slinger Red-Eye Mitchell with his love interest (and wife incidentally) Spring Leaf.
His sign says, "My name is Red-Eye Mitchell.  I am a gun-slinger.  I live in the SE of AK so I don't have any cowboy stuff.  Pretend that i look like a cowboy or else...I don't have any Christian Ethiks [this was part of his character description] and I like to spill men's blood so watch out...!!" 

Nikki and Beau (who played another farmhand) gave us the idea for doing this and fearlessly got the whole silly show going.

Farmhand Luke and Annabelle, the daughter of the murdered man and Luke's love interest (and of course his wife as well).

Sheriff Clyde and the "grieving" widow of the murdered man.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Preschool show and tell

Mr. T's most recent preschool show and tell day was on their Pajama Party day. He showed a few signs that he's been learning and showed his little book that has pictures of all the kids in the class and their names.
Line leader!

Everybody gets a sticker after clean-up time.
"Talking" with his preschool teacher about the show and tell book.

It's always a special treat to have Dad in preschool!

Doing the sign for "my" (name is...)
Mr. T!  This is his name sign - a "t" that zips forward on the go!

Helping Dad

You'll notice that the boys have their trusty plastic screwdrivers and are busily trying to get in the way and help Dad unscrew the seat cover.