Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another Alaskan Adventure (subtitle: this one's for you, Jen Johnson)

A few nights ago some friends told us that they were going to be going out "tide pooling" as the tide would be out the farthest it will get for 3 months.  So we bundled up the boys and stuffed them like little Pillsbury Doughboys into their backpacks and headed down to the beach with our flashlights (it was pitch black, since it was about 6pm).  We saw some amazing creatures that we'd never seen before and had a great time.  

Here's our friend Nick with a sunflower star.  Pretty amazing!
This is actually a crab that looks like a tarantula.  We saw lots of these, some even stranger than this.  One appeared to have wandered through a pile of hay-like stuff and had it completely covering his whole body and legs.
Can you find the spider crab?  It's on the middle left of the picture.  Look for the dark spot surrounded by furry legs.

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Jen Johnson said...

yeah, thanks a lot. I thought it would be totally gross and it is. Good job, Jess.