Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New words

The other day O Boy picked up a toy plane and said, "Doo-noh!" (Juneau).  I can tell our boys are Southeast Alaskans when they know planes are the main way on and off the island...and no matter where you go, you usually end up in Juneau!

Later on that day he was running around saying, "Cay-no!  Cay-no!"  He wanted to read a book about volcanoes.  It's amazing what sticks in their little developing brains.

The one sight word I know Mr. T. (and his brother too) can read these days is "hug".  The Love and Learning people wisely put it at the end of every single one of their sight word books.  So now, he can identify "hug" even when it's not at the end of the book...usually.  A good word to know!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Snow, snow, snow

We're in the midst of the biggest dumping of snow so far this year - and it's all fallen within the last 24 hours. For all of you who live in warmer climes, enjoy the snow pictures! For those who have visited our house and know what the view usually is outside our deck sliding glass door, you can tell how thick the snowfall is by how little you can see beyond our neighbor's house.

Friday, January 25, 2008

O Boy goes to the dentist

Mr. T. and Mom had to go in for a dental checkup so O Boy got to go in and meet our wonderful dentist, Dr. Sprague.  He gave O Boy a ride up and down in the dentist's chair and blew one of his gloves up into a balloon.  AND O Boy got to pick out a tiny digger from the prize box.  But he still wouldn't open his mouth to show off any of his teeth.  Next time maybe...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Box-a-Rama Playgroup

We did a box fest last year for playgroup and it was so popular we decided to do it again this year.  In the end only boys showed up to play...and then one tiny girl!  They had a great time driving cars on the box ramps, climbing in and out of the boxes and knocking over boxes.

Who said Lemon Bars don't need a few egg shells to spice them up?

Here's the boys with a friend in the midst of a very hands-on cooking experience making lemon bars.  We actually even let them crack the eggs.  Unfortunately Phil bit into probably the only piece with some egg shell in it.  No more lemon bars for him!  They certainly didn't look like the picture in the cookbook, but other than a few scattered crunchy parts they were pretty good...

Snowplows and Diggers and Snow, Oh My!

A few mornings ago after O Boy and I dropped M. T. off at school we noticed that a huge snowplow and digger were clearing a street of huge piles of snow (it's a road they close when there's lots of snow and it's where they dump lots of the snow from clearing the other streets). When it warms up then they clear the road - pushing all the snow into the ocean - and open it up again (until the next snow). So, after going home to get his digger, we went back and watched them do this massive job for a very, very long time. Maybe almost an hour? It was a little boy's dream come true!

Table fun

Here's a picture I thought I'd post for all you moms out there.  These are two fun table games you can make at home.  My boys like to play with these some days after snack time for a while at the table.  O Boy is playing with a good fine motor game.  You poke tiny holes into a yogurt carton lid and cut up coffee stirring straws.  Then the object is to poke the straws through the tiny holes!  You wouldn't think this would be entertaining, but it is!  Mr. T. is playing with a homemade ring stacker that they do many various things with.  Basically you stick a ball of playdoh in a yogurt carton and jam a wooden spoon head down into it.  Poke a hole in the top of the yogurt carton so that the spoon handle can stick up through it.  Then you can use canning jar rings to toss, stack, and place on the spoon handle.  They like to tip it sideways and slide the rings on or drop them on to hear the "cling".  Two good table activities!

A new game

Here's one of O Boy's favorite ways to pass the time:
1. Assemble Baby, Dog, and Night-Night.
2. Transport them all to, and up onto, mom and dad's bed.
3. Crawl up with them and meticulously put everyone "to bed."
4. Everyone "wake up!"
5. Repeat. Endlessly.
Here dad even got dragged into the game and was being made to nap with the crew. His comment was: "I like this game!"

More sledding fun with playgroup friends

We've had some great sledding weather this year - just the right amount of snow and nice weather. As you can see, O Boy rides in his own sled and does not at all like to be forced to ride with the rest of the masses on our other (large) sled. He'd much prefer to be pulled along behind on his own.

Who needs naps?

Mr. T. has been trying yet again to drop his afternoon nap.  He actually did accomplish this goal successfully for about a week.  He even slipped into a wonderful rhythm of playing quietly for a half hour in his room and then enjoying a quick visit from mom and then playing for about another half hour in his room.  The only time I'd usually hear him was when he was reading through his books, all of which apparently have the same plot line: "NO! NO! BOAT! BA-BOAT! NO!"  Also apparently this has to be "read" at top volume for maximum pleasure.  And O Boy slept peacefully across the hall through it all.  BUT...all good things must come to an end.  Here is Mr. T. sound asleep in the middle of our living room where he crashed after a no-nap day.  I left him there for an hour while O Boy and I made play-doh (loudly) and listened to the radio (loudly).  Apparently the sleep deprivation had finally kicked in.  To top it all off, he's been napping happily every day since.

Another Alaskan Adventure (subtitle: this one's for you, Jen Johnson)

A few nights ago some friends told us that they were going to be going out "tide pooling" as the tide would be out the farthest it will get for 3 months.  So we bundled up the boys and stuffed them like little Pillsbury Doughboys into their backpacks and headed down to the beach with our flashlights (it was pitch black, since it was about 6pm).  We saw some amazing creatures that we'd never seen before and had a great time.  

Here's our friend Nick with a sunflower star.  Pretty amazing!
This is actually a crab that looks like a tarantula.  We saw lots of these, some even stranger than this.  One appeared to have wandered through a pile of hay-like stuff and had it completely covering his whole body and legs.
Can you find the spider crab?  It's on the middle left of the picture.  Look for the dark spot surrounded by furry legs.

Reading time

Phil was under the weather a few weeks ago so he was crashed on the couch one night.  That certainly didn't stop the boys from spending time with him.  They grabbed a few books and hung out on top of him reading for quite a while.  I'm not sure how relaxing it was for Phil...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Starting the New Year off with a Giggle

Here's Mr. T in his element: giggling for all he's worth.  It doesn't take much to get a good giggle out of him, as you can tell from the video.  This was actually taken after this exchange had already gone on for several minutes of hilarity.  Happy, HAPPY New Year!