Monday, December 24, 2007

He really is a jolly old me!

At the Coast Guard Christmas party this past Saturday, Santa, (our famous local version who has done all the seasonally related jobs for as long as anyone can remember) showed up.  We hadn't brought gifts for him to give to our kids because we were pretty sure they'd be unsure about coming anywhere near him.  We were right.  So much for that treasured American tradition!

There is no way you can talk  a 3 year old into believing that an unfamiliar, bearded man in a bright red outfit is a friendly character.  It's a good thing Santa's getting a chuckle out of this whole situation.
Yep, that's a real beard.  Kids are pretty suprised to see "Santa" at the laundromat downtown throughout the year doing his laundry or strolling the aisles of the grocery store buying tomatoes.  You actually don't see them around town a lot because they live "out the road" at the base of Crystal Mountain.  Really.  One other amusing detail: "Santa" and his wife drive a very, very tiny 2 door car and zip around town in it.  Since he is such a tall, large fellow it almost looks like he's driving a toy car.  Only in Petersburg...
Later in the evening Mr. T was willing to give a timid stroke to Mrs. Santa's very soft cape.  But he completely ignored that other guy standing next to him with the bells and hat.

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