Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Day, 2007

Church friends Jon and Tonna Parker graciously invited us over for a Christmas Eve Day adventure - a boat ride over to their place on the island opposite Petersburg, lunch, and a fun day just hanging out with them.  They live in and take care of the beautiful beachfront log home which is the Kupreanof City Building - it's where the tiny city of Kupreanof (35 residents) has their monthly city council meetings.  It was actually a very nice day for late December and the boys had lots of fun on the boat, hiking in to their house, exploring around their house, enjoying the delicious lunch, and feeding the seagulls on the way home.  It was a very Alaskan way to spend Christmas Eve day!
Christmas Eve Day, 2007
Petersburg is across the water in the background.

Feeding the seagulls as we head back into the harbor.
Heading home from a great Christmas Eve day adventure.
We had to hike a ways through the woods along the beach to get to Jon and Tonna's place.
Jon putts through the 2 boys' legs - the Smith version of croquet (sometimes the targets moved at the last minute!).  Mr. T was actually the one to come up with this game and it went on for a very, very, very long time.

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