Monday, December 24, 2007

He really is a jolly old me!

At the Coast Guard Christmas party this past Saturday, Santa, (our famous local version who has done all the seasonally related jobs for as long as anyone can remember) showed up.  We hadn't brought gifts for him to give to our kids because we were pretty sure they'd be unsure about coming anywhere near him.  We were right.  So much for that treasured American tradition!

There is no way you can talk  a 3 year old into believing that an unfamiliar, bearded man in a bright red outfit is a friendly character.  It's a good thing Santa's getting a chuckle out of this whole situation.
Yep, that's a real beard.  Kids are pretty suprised to see "Santa" at the laundromat downtown throughout the year doing his laundry or strolling the aisles of the grocery store buying tomatoes.  You actually don't see them around town a lot because they live "out the road" at the base of Crystal Mountain.  Really.  One other amusing detail: "Santa" and his wife drive a very, very tiny 2 door car and zip around town in it.  Since he is such a tall, large fellow it almost looks like he's driving a toy car.  Only in Petersburg...
Later in the evening Mr. T was willing to give a timid stroke to Mrs. Santa's very soft cape.  But he completely ignored that other guy standing next to him with the bells and hat.

Christmas Picture (at church)

Christmas Eve Day, 2007

Church friends Jon and Tonna Parker graciously invited us over for a Christmas Eve Day adventure - a boat ride over to their place on the island opposite Petersburg, lunch, and a fun day just hanging out with them.  They live in and take care of the beautiful beachfront log home which is the Kupreanof City Building - it's where the tiny city of Kupreanof (35 residents) has their monthly city council meetings.  It was actually a very nice day for late December and the boys had lots of fun on the boat, hiking in to their house, exploring around their house, enjoying the delicious lunch, and feeding the seagulls on the way home.  It was a very Alaskan way to spend Christmas Eve day!
Christmas Eve Day, 2007
Petersburg is across the water in the background.

Feeding the seagulls as we head back into the harbor.
Heading home from a great Christmas Eve day adventure.
We had to hike a ways through the woods along the beach to get to Jon and Tonna's place.
Jon putts through the 2 boys' legs - the Smith version of croquet (sometimes the targets moved at the last minute!).  Mr. T was actually the one to come up with this game and it went on for a very, very, very long time.

Sledding Fun with playgroup friends - Dec. 2007

I guess O Boy thought this was a smile on his face...Good thing Mr. T and I held up our end of the "smile for the picture" bargain.
Ready to hit the slopes.  You can see how excited Mr. T is.
Everybody has to learn someday that what goes down, must get dragged back up.
Help, Mom!  I'm being chased by a snow snake!

Christmas Program

Here's the Smith family performance of "Away in a Manger" at our Family Christmas Program 2007.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Painting party

Peek-a-boo Mom!
Big smile with the masterpiece
Best Buds, Partners in Crime

Mr. T's very first Christmas program ever!

Here are pictures and a video from Mr. T's first-ever school Christmas program. He got a bit of stage fright and froze up during many of the songs but he warmed right up to the crowd after it was all over.

Here are the little reindeer getting ready to sing "Rudolf".
Mr. T gives a big kiss to "Grandma" Alice, one of his fans in the crowd.

Our car

I've had these 2 diaper boxes taped together and sitting around the house as a tunnel for the longest time and was about to toss them when O Boy flipped them over and crawled in one side the other day and announced, "CAR!"  He then forcefully encouraged Mr. T to get in the other side and then Dad got roped into shoved them around the house (a very big job).  You can't see the engine (Dad) that drives this car around because he's hidden behind, but you can tell their having a blast in their brand new car.

Preschool show and tell

This video clips are from a few weeks ago when Mr. T had show and tell at preschool.  They show his developing interaction and communication with the other kids and are just plain funny as only 3 year olds can be.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Have you heard this hit song?

Here is O Boy singing a song of his own creation: "The Forklift Song."  If you listen very carefully to the video, he is repeating "fork-uh, fork-uh (forklift, forklift)" over and over.  The matchbox forklift happens to be one of his current favorite toys.  What's most amazing about this video is that he didn't realize I was videoing him!  Of course his older brother realized what was going on and had to come over and watch the action.  Enjoy this little music video from our resident budding composer/singer.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Setting up the Nativity scene - O Boy style

Here's the rascal with his arrangement.  You'll notice that the 3 Kings are walking AWAY from the gathering; must be on their way back home!  Mary is sitting all by herself in the front and Joseph is in back hanging out with a few shepherds.  Baby Jesus, on the other hand, is hanging out with the sheep over in the bottom left hand corner.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

O Christmas Tree

Well here's the picture of our Christmas tree my mom's been asking for. Getting it was a major feat by Phil, who had to lug it a very long way up and down a gully and across the sort of frozen muskeg behind our house. It's a mountain hemlock and we now understand why most people avoid these trees...they shed needles like crazy. But it HAS lots of needles to shed, so I don't think we'll have a bare tree by Christmas. Since most of the trees up here are very spare and scraggly as a result of growing in the acidic muskeg soil, people are pretty amazed when they see how bushy and full it is. We think it's pretty, and the boys obviously think it's HUGE!

This is the "Mom's trying to get us to smile and we're painfully complying" photo.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Up and Down

This is a video that probably only grandparents will sit through and enjoy, but I wanted to post it because it shows just how strong Mr. T is getting and also how verbal.  And, of course, O Boy shows his delightful personality in it as well...

New Church property

Show and Tell

It was Mr. T's show and tell day in preschool and we brought in his new Rockin' Rody to share.  Here he is with his preschool teacher.

Emotions Quiz

Mr. T's aide suggested that we take pictures showing different emotions so that she can make a book for him to learn both the emotion (how to express it) and the word (how to say it). Here's Phil and Mr. T doing their best to be very emotional...