Friday, November 23, 2007

Trying to capture a memory

For quite sometime now I've been telling myself that I need to get a picture of the boys with the special blankies/toys that they sleep with - and record what they call them! So after several attempts to get a cute, adorable, cuddly, smiling picture, this is what I ended up with. BUT...I will still record what they call them, because I love how each one individually picked their own names for their blankies.

Mr. T: his blankie is called his "nik". This is also sort of his current all-purpose word to describe bed/blanket/sleep. He has 2 "niks" and loves to drag them around the house saying, "Nik! Nik! Nik!" One of his niks is a beautiful alphabet quilt that Grammy and Grandpa Wilson brought back from the Philippines. Both boys are starting to point to the letters and objects on it and name them. Cuddly and educational! His other nik I bought before he was born. This is the first time in his life he's really been attached to "comfort objects" and he doesn't have any stuffed animals that he enjoys sleeping with regularly. I wonder if his attachment has been encouraged by his extremely attached little brother...
O Boy: his blankie was made for him by 3 middle school girls in our church when he was born. He calls it "nigh nigh" and he loves to tickle his nose with the fringe pieces. That is very comforting to him. He also occasionally sleeps with "woah woah," the little yellow dog he's holding. He's extremely possessive of his blankie and if Mr. T should happen to playfully begin walking around the house with it or, even more devastating, lay on the the ground cuddling it, O Boy shrieks, "NIGH NIGH!" and runs to rescue it from wherever he is in the house.

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