Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Grandma Margaret Sweater

There are a few of you out there who will know who I'm talking about when I say that this is a sweater made for my brother John 25 (?) years ago by our "Swiss Grandma" Margaret Messmer. Now O Boy is showing off his best smile for the camera and modeling it. Amazing! It's still soft, comfy, and in great condition.

Hello Senator! Say hi to the President for me!

2 weeks ago during our playgroup storytime at the library Senator Lisa Murkowski was across the hall addressing the local fishermen and women. Both events broke up at the same time and when we saw her in the hall chatting with some people, we ran out to ask her if she would come in and meet our toddler playgroup and sit in for a few pictures. Like any good politician, she graciously said yes. The kids were tired and some were crying and none of them knew what was going on, but the moms enjoyed the whole event. Here's Mr. T and O Boy doing a meet and greet with the Senator. I'm sure she's got their vote! Thanks Senator Murkowski!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Helper

Happily an old Little Tikes vacuum cleaner showed up at the Salvation Army a few weeks ago and we grabbed it for our little vacuum-aholic, O Boy. After cleaning 4 slugs and some paint off of it (guess it was being used to vacuum someone's lawn?), he now ecstatically zooms around the house with it ALL the time. It was also the item which motivated him to learn the word "mine!" for the first time. Here he is vacuuming with me - his little vacuum followed close behind every single move mine made. Too bad his doesn't pick up dust.
You really should click on this picture to enlarge it and see the happy expression on his face. Finally, a vacuum for O Boy!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Out for a walk with Super-Grandpa

We were very thankful to have Super-Grandpa Gotter come up for a few days to see Petersburg, be a part of Phil's ordination, and hang out with the boys. It was pretty rainy for most of his stay, but for a few hours on this day we all got out and took a walk on the boardwalk "out the road."

monster puddle!

the boys in their bubble suits

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

That's why we call him SUPER Grandpa!

Isn't it great to see how much joy and excitement toddlers get from simply watching their great-Grandpa throw a big rock into the water?

Matt takes tape road-building to the next level

Here's our high school friend Matt laying out a reproduction of the roads around his neighborhood in tape for our boys to drive on. Now that's realistic imaginary play!