Sunday, August 19, 2007

More from the police blotter...

These are more real entries from our local paper's police blotter:
June 14
A caller reported that there is an individual passed out in the bed of one of the fire vehicles. An officer informed the dispatcher that a training dummy was in the vehicle with its feet sticking out.
June 20
Dispatch received a call from an individual stating he was moving to Petersburg and wanted to live at the Police Department. The individual was told several times that he could not live at the Police Department.

In the series: "Obsessively Observant Petersburg Residents..."
June 24
A complainant called and stated a dog was barking and it was driving him crazy.
June 28
A caller reported that an eagle has been sitting in the same position for about 3 hours out in the muskeg. [what has the caller been doing for the past 3 hours?!]
June 30
A caller reported finding a pigeon on his or her back deck that is very friendly, thinks it could be someone's pet.
A caller reported seeing a male looking into the bushes.

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