Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pastor's Conference at Echo Ranch Bible Camp

Last week Phil and I were able to go to a several day pastor's conference at Echo Ranch Bible Camp. The boys stayed home with friends from church and didn't seem to miss us much at all.
Here's the tiny log cabin we stayed in - it is the original cabin built by the man who homesteaded the 300 acres ERBC is built on.

One of the days we went on a beautiful 6 mile hike (much longer than we could have done carrying the boys...!) along the coast. We had to walk through shoulder high grass and cross creeks so we were very thankful for the rain pants and rain boots.

One of the creeks we crossed by trolley.

Another day we went fishing and I caught my first 2 fish ever! Reeling in fish was so much more work than I ever imagined!

The second fish I absolutely couldn't finish reeling in by myself so Phil had to help. But he's looking skeptical here because he wasn't sure he should be in the picture.

Here we are with friends we met at the conference, Travis and Jenny Reed. They are planting a church in Douglas (outside Juneau) called Crossroads. They were tons of fun to meet and hang out with!

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