Tuesday, July 24, 2007

English, Chinese-style

Abercrombie and TITCH

It's reassuring to know your spouse has faith in you
Just magic complaints produce smiles [that's my favorite line]
Lean on each others strengths, forgive each others weakness.

This jumble of letters is I guess supposed to mean something!? We saw it on a nighgown at Wal-Mart in Nanning, China.

Apparently some Chinese aren't big fans of American coffee...

Just not how Americans would usually advertise a sporting event...
The 2010 Asian Games:
Wholesome and Exciting, Clean and Green

Animal ferocious, no striding!

Always a good rule:
Dangerous animals remain behind fence!
(this reminds us how important a comma can be...)

It appeared to me that the Chinese love English adjectives more than any other part of our language. Many stores, businesses etc. had various "wonderful, happy" or some such words attached to their names. For example, we ate lunch at the "Splendid Publishing House in China."

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