Friday, March 02, 2007

Top this!

The final measurement as of last week was 42 inches in 4 days! To date, we've received 179.2 inches of snow from Oct. 2006-March 2007. For the same time period last year, Petersburg only received 75.7 inches of snow.
And it's still snowing...just today (3/12/07) we got around 4 more inches!

This is a tiny little tree that somehow balanced this absolutely staggering load of snow for days and days. It actually never broke apart and fell off, but melted layer by layer (until new snow started falling in the last few days!).

Compare these photos with the ones we took in 24 hours we have accumulated the most snow we've ever seen in Petersburg. And it's still snowing (as of 3/2/007)!

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RainaRo said...

Wow! We got 5 inches on Wednesday :-)