Monday, February 26, 2007

Attempting to get a pic of O in the "I'm 1 Today Hat"

Sleepy boys

We went in the other night to find that T was sleeping sitting up (and he'd unzipped his jammies halfway down!

O was extremely tired the other morning and finally showed up in the kitchen having tracked down both his blankie and pacifier. He seemed to want to just lay down, so I put a blanket in a laundry basket and propped it up with a stuffed animal underneath and he happily hung out for quite a long time while I worked in the kitchen!

O's first birthday

T was very happy to play with the new birthday airplane...even though it technically wasn't his!

O on the other hand, was extremely content with the box the airplane came in! It had a window and he happily put cars in, shook them around, and them dumped them back out again.

This is actually O's version of what he thinks a smile should look like.

Hooray! I'm ONE!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

O takes his first swimming lessons

Here's O and T completely disregarding one of the lessons of the day. They were SUPPOSED to be throwing the ping pong balls and then reaching after them (a precurser to the overhand stroke). They preferred trying to eat the balls.

Getting used to floating on his back.

Getting ready to jump in!

Don't make me go back in that cold water!


Crazy Phil's Magic Putt-Putt Extravaganza

A few weeks ago Phil and a few other guys in the church built an 11 hole putt putt golf course all over our downstairs for the youth group. They used all sorts of our baby toys and equipment and a lot of creativity to put the holes together. I think I should record for the internet world that I (Jessica) got the top (lowest!) score of the evening. !! Thankfully Phil was scorekeeper so he couldn't provide me with competition!

On this hole you had to hit the ball around and through the farm animals and finally through the barn into the hole.

Here we laid all our kitchen chairs down in a maze for them to hit through.

Here they had to hit through a moving baby swing, up a ramp and into a basket.

This one meant weaving through a bunch of plastic tools and then up a cardboard ramp into the boys' toolbench.

On this hole you had to start on a chair and hit across and through a box, into a basketball hoop and then through a maze of cardboard blocks into a hole.

Now he's walking!

We have a photo just like this taken when T would CRAWL all the way across the parking lot to the church (and he'd keep going as far as we'd let him) so I thought it would be fun to take a picture of him now able to WALK all the way with Dad across to church. Hooray!

All dressed up and ready for church

They were looking so CLEAN and CUTE a few Sundays ago that I just had to sit them down and attempt a picture. This was the closest I got to both boys sitting and the same time.