Sunday, November 12, 2006

Halloween 2006

Here's our little lion (he knows how to make the sign for lion and even adds a growl for extra effect) and little pumpkin. Since we didn't do anything on the actual evening of Halloween, the only time they really wore their costumes was for playgroup 2 days later. And it was a good thing, because neither one enjoyed the experience of being dressed up very much!

This is the baby/toddler storytime that a friend from church and I are doing at the library once a month. On this day (11-2-06) we had all the kids come in their costumes. We read stories about getting dressed up, did some pumpkin fingerplays, I taught them a few of the signs for colors and pieces of clothing and then we went to the retirement center in town and showed off our costumes for a few of the residents.

Here are a few of our playgroup friends.

These are the kids with a few of the residents from the local retirement center. The residents absolutely loved being surrounded by all these cute kids!

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