Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Still snowing...

We measured 2 feet of snow on our deck on 11/19/06. The huge pile of snow to my right is covering the boys' picnic table. The snow came so early we didn't clear all the kids' toys off our deck before they got dumped on!

Our shed

Check out the overhang of snow coming off the church roof!

This overhang of snow almost completely covered up P's office window! You can just see a tiny bit of it peeking out underneath the bottom right of the snow overhang.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

First big snow of Winter 2006

We got 6-8 inches last week and are currently (as of 11-13-06) under a winter storm watch that is predicted to give between 5-25 inches of snow in the next few days! The boys are certainly enjoying all the sled rides they're getting!

I'll do the top windows for you Dad!

We finally got around to washing the very tall windows in our living room and the ladder was a magnet for the boys...so we took several days worth of naptimes to get the job done.

Halloween 2006

Here's our little lion (he knows how to make the sign for lion and even adds a growl for extra effect) and little pumpkin. Since we didn't do anything on the actual evening of Halloween, the only time they really wore their costumes was for playgroup 2 days later. And it was a good thing, because neither one enjoyed the experience of being dressed up very much!

This is the baby/toddler storytime that a friend from church and I are doing at the library once a month. On this day (11-2-06) we had all the kids come in their costumes. We read stories about getting dressed up, did some pumpkin fingerplays, I taught them a few of the signs for colors and pieces of clothing and then we went to the retirement center in town and showed off our costumes for a few of the residents.

Here are a few of our playgroup friends.

These are the kids with a few of the residents from the local retirement center. The residents absolutely loved being surrounded by all these cute kids!

My turn!

O is now able to push T in the wagon...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Out and about

Before the snow hit, T had a great time pushing O around outside on long walks. For those of you who know where we live, T actually pushed O all the way to the ferry terminal! I think he only quit because I told him we had to turn around and go home! He'd rather just keep walking and walking. The other problem we run into these days is that O has a pretty short-lived tolerance for being the passenger. Now that HE knows how to push the cart, he certainly doesn't want to sit around getting pushed in it!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Smith brothers duet

Working hard!

This is T working with one of his new therapists in Juneau. This is his physical therapist.


One of the skills we've been practicing with T is working a zipper. When we came in to his room one morning to find him like this, we knew he'd mastered the skill - at least with these jammies!


The game of racing up and down the hallway with dad has gotten a bit more complicated now that O is big enough to want to join in too...I love the expressions in this picture.

O at 8 months - up and moving everywhere!

One privilege of being the 2nd child...

I'm sure I NEVER would have let T lick the blenders after making chocolate icing...way too unhealthy! Happy O gets the benefit of a much more relaxed mom.

Bubble buddies

Favorite activity: watching the deer on our lawn

Here comes trouble!

This was taken the first time O climbed up the first stair. Thankfully, he hasn't figured out how to go any farther on his own! So when T zips up the stairs, O stands at the bottom laughing and banging on the stairs in a vain attempt to follow him.

In-car entertainment

Happy Hikers

This was taken on an afternoon trip "out the road" to a pond/stream area called "Man-Made Hole." The boys loved playing in the water and had a fantastic time getting wet and dirty.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Anything you can do, I'm sure I can too!!

This was taken on our trip to Juneau in September when O was just starting to pull to stand on EVERYTHING...because of course, T could! He's now T's little shadow, zipping around after him, grabbing his trucks, chasing him down the hallway, and generally being the ultra-curious little brother.

On the ferry to Juneau - September 2006

O.E.S. 7 months, T.K.S. 25 months

Here comes the ferry to take us to Juneau.

Construction Time!

Fall 2006

We're abandoning Yahoo because the new format is not working well for us and Snapfish was equally difficult, so we're trying a new format - the blog. FINALLY we're joining the ranks of all those we know who are bloggers!
Welcome to our new blog!